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On average most of the Security Matterz helpdesk calls are resolved during the initial call. This is attributed to the fact that all Security Matterz helpdesk operators are Computer Engineers with a Minimum of a BS Degree in Computer Engineering and are trained & certified on all the products to diagnose and resolve the most common types of issues. 

Cross-product training ensures that Security Matterz support specialists can deal with problems arising from the implementation of a combination of networking and security products within an IT infrastructure. Experience of diverse security installations means they know how to get the best out of customers’ software investment to optimize IT security and reduce the administrative burden.


Post-Installation Support Services

Standard Support

In order to protect a customer’s investment, Security Matterz offers a post installation support service that is available to customers who take out a support and maintenance agreement. This provides software updates, new releases, database updates, telephone support via our help desk and, if necessary, free on-site support to resolve problems that have been caused directly by the software and/or appliance provided.

Our support desk is available as standard from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM, Sunday to Thursday excluding Official Holidays for technical problems. It is not a substitute for formal product training. Support calls can be logged by phone, email or by the web. The support desk is manned by a team of well trained professionals who are able to resolve the problem in many cases without reference to our second line engineers or the manufacturer. Calls are escalated in accordance with the urgency of the problem. Customers are kept informed regarding the progress of a support call. There is no Service Level Agreement for the standard service.

Service Level Agreement

If the customer requires a Service Level Agreement, Security Matterz can provide this as a chargeable service. The agreement will define exactly what the service will provide including call categorization and the escalation procedure that is essential to ensuring that calla are resolved in the shortest possible time.

Extended Hours Support

We are able to provide a chargeable technical support service for extended hours. This service will be governed by a Service level Agreement. On-site support can be provided, if necessary, as part of this service.

Remote Access Support Service

We are able to resolve calls using secure remote access technology. If a customer would like us to have access to their systems as a standard part of the support service we can provide this as a chargeable service under the auspices of a Service Level Agreement.