• Application control

    GFI WebMonitor can block web applications by name and category using advanced inspection technology.

  • Social controls

    Social controls can block Facebook applications, games and other social networking functions, enabling you to control access without completely blocking the site.

  • Remote filtering

    Company laptops should be used appropriately. GFI WebMonitor enables you to apply filtering policies and web monitoring even when not connected to the corporate network.

  • Search engine monitoring

    Search queries provide valuable insight into the mindset of your users. Monitoring queries can help identify and prevent high-risk behavior.

  • Surf time policies

    Surf time quota policies enable administrators to strike a balance between productivity loss and unhappy employees.

  • Tackle web-based threats

    GFI WebMonitor delivers excellent zero-day threat protection by scanning all downloads using up to 3 antivirus engines.

  • Interactive dashboards

    Gain insight into your web activity using the real-time, interactive dashboards that allow you to filter and drill down to the specific data you need.

  • Action-based alerts

    GFI WebMonitor features various configurable alerts that notify relevant stakeholders when possible high-risk situations develop.

  • Block connections in real time

    GFI WebMonitor gives precise control to IT administrators, enabling them to identify large downloads and block them in real time.