Is there a need for Next Generation SOC?

With the evolution digitization and disruptive technologies like IoT attack surface increased and the volume and type of data that needs to be captured and analyzed increased many folds. Attackers are using state of the art technologies to snoop into the corporate network unnoticed and taking advantage of not only the technology vulnerabilities but the process flaws to steal the information.

Next Generation SOC (NG-SOC) Capabilities

The Next Generation Security Operations Center (SOC) has the following capabilities:

Challenges and Resolutions

Security infrastructure is a big challenge today, and without suitable technology, team, and threat intelligence integration, organizations won’t be equipped to monitor threats, prevent attacks, or scale and evolve as threats grow and diversify.

Technology is very important to the organization as the team members. Also, SOC today is facing a delay in the incident response time that open the doors to successful attacks; and automation becomes mission critical.

The next-generation SOC is tech-driven and people-enhanced. That is, it relies more on automation and incorporates tools, like machine learning, that can flag unusual behaviors and identify things we've never seen before. People stay still critical to the process, adding essential business context and cyber defense expertise, making decisions, and providing a check on the technology.


Security Matters NG-SOC Services