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Penetration Testing

An Internal Penetration Test seeks to identify vulnerabilities and the extent of these, should an attacker gain access to the internal corporate network.


Internal assessments examine the potential for attack in the event that a Trojan program is brought into the network or a malicious attacker (employee or not) gain access to the LAN/WAN. This service uses the same testing techniques as in the external assessment, but applies them to internal systems, with a test-point on the local LAN, without (router, firewall or IDS/IDP) filtering in-between.


External Penetration Test provides a thorough examination of internet-facing systems from the perspective of a hacker. This service delivers a view of your internet visible network perimeter from the perspective of a remote external attacker, using a combination of manual testing, investigation, and analysis combined with the use of open source security scanning tools, and manual exploitation of relevant vulnerabilities by experienced consultants.