HID Global

HID Global’s ActivID® ActivKey® SIM and ActivKey Display USB Tokens provide proven, strong authentication for employees accessing corporate IT systems. They support all of the functionality of a PKI-based smart card, without the need for a card reader.

The ActivKey SIM and ActivKey Display are used to secure log on to Windows, VPNs and PKI enabled applications, as well as to sign and encrypt documents and emails. It eliminates the need to carry multiple OTP tokens and is ideal for users, such as IT administrators, who require secure access to multiple workstations and servers. In addition, ActivKey Display enables offline multi-factor authentication through the generation of One-Time Passwords.

ActivID ActivKey USB Tokens are part of HID Global’s broad portfolio of hardware and software based authentication options. Download the Authentication Devices data sheet for more details on the complete range of authentication devices