Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business delivers Kaspersky Lab’s most comprehensive business security solution – to protect every element of your corporate network. As well as anti-malware for workstations, file servers and mobile devices – plus data encryption and flexible endpoint controls – Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business includes special protection technologies for mail servers, collaboration servers and traffic flowing through Web gateways. In addition, easy-to-use systems management tools and mobile device management (MDM) functionality help to simplify a wide range of administration tasks.

Multi-layer anti-malware protection
Kaspersky’s latest anti-malware technologies deliver a powerful combination of signature-based, proactive and cloud-assisted technologies – so your business benefits from improved security against known malware and new threats.

Anti-malware for a range of file server platforms
For shared storage environments, it only takes one infected file to spread malware across an entire network. That’s why Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business provides anti-malware protection for file servers – so you can benefit from shared storage and also maintain security.

Simplifying IT administration activities
Managing a complex IT environment doesn’t have to be a complex task. With its vast array of systems management functionality, Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business simplifies IT administration and helps you to manage costs. Functions include automatic inventories of all hardware and software on your network, automatic vulnerability scanning & patch / update distribution, as well as system provisioning capabilities.

Protecting confidential information – even on lost laptops and mobile devices
The loss or theft of a laptop, storage device, tablet or smartphone could result in confidential corporate information falling into the wrong hands. Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business includes data encryption and encryption management capabilities – to help ensure the loss of a laptop or mobile device doesn’t compromise the security of confidential data.

Giving IT administrators greater control
Kaspersky’s endpoint control technologies – including Application Control, Device Control and Web Control – help your IT administrators to manage how applications, devices and the Internet are used on your corporate network. It’s easy to control which applications are permitted to run, which devices are able to access your systems and how your employees are allowed to use the Web.

Securing smartphones and tablets – including BYOD
By combining mobile security and flexible mobile device management (MDM) capabilities, Kaspersky TOTAL Security for business helps you to provide and manage security for a wide range of mobile platforms – so it’s easy to secure smartphones, tablets and the corporate systems and data that they access.

Protecting email
By combining optimised anti-malware scanning and intelligent spam filtering, Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business delivers powerful protection for mail servers – helping to eliminate spam emails and reduce the volume of traffic on your corporate network. The solution supports a wide range of mail servers – including Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Notes / Domino, Sendmail, qmail, Postfix, Exim and CommuniGate Pro.

Securing web traffic
With anti-malware that protects web traffic flowing through most popular, Windows-based or Linux-based Web gateways, Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business helps to ensure your users can access the Internet without falling prey to Web-based threats.

Enabling secure collaboration
Kaspersky’s anti-malware protection for SharePoint platforms includes content & file filtering capabilities – to help your business enforce its collaboration policies and prevent inappropriate content being stored on your corporate network.