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Implementation & Training

Security Matterz will provide you with a the complete range of installation services including scoping, implementation, operational training, classroom training and on-going help desk support. 

All projects can be delivered under the auspices of a PMP certified project manager.

The Security Matterz Professional Services team provides a comprehensive range of services throughout the project lifecycle and has a well-regarded history in the design, implementation and support of Enterprise Networking and Security solutions.




To achieve a secure architecture, security needs to be built into the architectural design. Bolting security onto an application may secure the perimeter, but it is unlikely to secure the transaction and it is commonly quoted that security implemented at the design stage is more reliable and cheaper to implement that "bolted-on" solutions. A Security Matterz security architect works within the design team to achieve the optimum solution for end-to-end security based upon business needs and not the technology. The full design cycle includes security requirements, design specification, implementation, testing and deploymen


Having procured best-of-breed software, guarantees your installation is properly configured and optimized to deliver your organization with the maximum benefit.


  • Ease the burden on your internal IT resources.
  • Create an effective and reliable working solution from day one.
  • Ensure new software integrates successfully with your existing technology infrastructure.
  • Minimize the risks to business continuity.
  • Maximize the return on your IT investment.


Because Security Matterz is a leader in secure IT solutions, our engineers are experienced IT professionals with expert product knowledge and practical experience of integrating security solutions.

This includes pre-sales consultancy to understand a customer’s requirements and the post-sales technical services to complete a project. 

This includes:

  • Scoping the work
  • Producing a Statement of Work
  • Installation including configuration, policy set up and reporting
  • Operational training
  • Post installation hand holding
  • Project sign-off All installations apply best practice and are customized based on each organization's business and technical requirements