One of your staff hasn't read and agreed to your policies.
Do you know who it is?

NETconsent would tell you instantly. It automates policy management, assuring governance throughout the enterprise by making policies more visible and enforceable, thereby raising the standard of individual accountability and conduct. Security Matterz recognizes that IT security is not just about technical controls. With IT security threats evolving so rapidly end user awareness and education around policies and best practice is crucial to maintain data protection and regulatory compliance. 


NETconsent policy management and communications software delivers a pro-active and sustainable approach to handling the policy management lifecycle and other associated documentation, including policies, procedures, guidelines, e-learning modules & forms. Adopted both within Public Sector and corporate customers, it is being used to establish and maintain IT security and policy compliance with regulatory requirements, such as Data Protection, PCI, FSA, Gas Code of Connection and SOX.

Automation greatly reduces the administrative burden traditionally associated with best practice governance by:

  • Raising policy awareness and understanding
  • Making it easier for managers to foster policy adherence and;
  • Enabling auditors to measure policy compliance effortlessly.

With NETconsent, sustaining policy compliance becomes easier, less costly and achievable.