Link Controller

Monitor and Manage Your Links to the World

ISP connections are your links to the outside world, but managing multiple links and ensuring link resiliency can be difficult. BIG-IP Link Controller puts you in control by monitoring the performance and availability of each link, helping you keep ISP costs down. It dynamically directs inbound and outbound connections over the best possible link and improves application performance by prioritizing and optimizing traffic.

Eliminate Downtime

Link Controller ensures link resiliency so internal and external users always have a connection. It monitors the health and availability of each connection, detects link and ISP outages, and then dynamically directs traffic to available links. Link Controller eliminates downtime and keeps your business running.

Improve Application Performance

Link Controller directs users to the connection that will provide the best service using round-trip time, user location, and line-quality calculations. You can use rate shaping to configure which applications have priority, so critical applications are always connected.

Control ISP Costs

Link Controller helps you get the most from your bandwidth. It aggregates inexpensive links to provide a fully redundant, high-bandwidth connection regardless of link type. You can create policies based on how your ISPs bill for bandwidth and direct users in the most cost-effective way.