Unified Data Loss Prevention for Gateways, Endpoints and Discovery

From tarnished brand reputation to regulatory fines, the adverse impacts of data breaches are clear. Just a single incident of data loss can erode a business's competitive advantage, weaken consumer confidence, and result in fines or penalties from regulators. The problem is further exacerbated with rapid proliferation of mobile computing devices, widespread use of peripheral devices, and easy access to file-sharing software — all increasing the opportunity for data loss and theft.



Why is Websense Data Security Suite the best choice?

Websense Data Security Suite secures organizations against a wide range of data loss scenarios with a single policy framework for network and endpoint data loss prevention and confidential data discovery.

Data Security Suite

Websense Data Security Suite comprises all three data security products for full data loss prevention (DLP).

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Data Endpoint

Websense Data Endpoint identifies and controls data in use on laptops, USB drives and other endpoint devices.

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Data Security Gateway

Websense Data Security Gateway provides DLP capabilities across network, email and web channels.

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Data Discover

Websense Data Discover locates, classifies and acts on data wherever it is stored.

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