Guarding Critical Apps

Application Security Manager (ASM) protects applications your business relies on with comprehensive, policy-based web application security that blocks attacks and scales to ensure performance. ASM secures all data center applications against OWASP top 10 threats and zero-days attacks. With leading Layer 7 DDoS defenses, detection and mitigation techniques and granular attack visibility, ASM identifies highly sophisticated cyber threats and stop attacks even before they reach servers. ASM also offers unsurpassed protection against automated bot attacks and is the most agile and scalable web application firewall on the market. ASM enables organizations throughout the world to secure applications and maintain compliance without extensive changes to the network.


Deliver Lightning Fast Apps

The combination of data center, transport, and application optimizations in Application Acceleration Manager (AAM) overcomes WAN latency, maximizes server capacity, and speeds application response times. AAM decreases the need for additional bandwidth and hardware so users get fast access to applications, while you gain greater revenue and free up IT resources.