Security Matterz Built a Unique Partnership with Jordan University Science and Technology


Both the industry and Jordan will enjoy the benefits from this partnership.


With the help of JUST, Security Matterz is introducing educational programs related to IT Security. That will serve Jordan well in terms of fulfilling the demand for local talent which is just one of the three legs to a stool.

Projects like this benefits the industry to gain expertise and receive hands on knowledge with the SOC (Security Operations Centre).

 The Business class SOC is also a great R&D facility that merges the infrastructure of JUST and expertise of Security Matterz which will be a great platform for innovation and a power house for technical learning.

 The third addition is that Jordan benefits from this partnership because it will provide Enterprise level security to small and medium size businesses with affordable pricing that they would not pay otherwise.

 SOC is basically a central facility from where staff supervises the site, using data processing technology. Our SOC is equipped for access monitoring, and managing alarms, endpoints, data centres and server’s networks, desktops and protects 24/7 as explained by CEO of Security Matterz, Mohamad Alkhudary.

 "We have plans to partner with other educational institutions as well in the coming future.
I am very proud of our team and thankful to JUST for their support.
If you are looking for some more information on educational programs or you would like to get in touch. Please contact me on