Security Matterz, Exclusive Networks ME and Fortinet Welcomed End Users in Riyadh


On 15th August 2017, Security Matterz and Exclusive Networks ME collaborated with Fortinet in welcoming end users to Narcissus Hotel, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The aim of this event was to update the end users with the new IT Security technology available and give access of technically sound engineers, sales people and key business people who are leading this area.

End users from government, banking and private sector were invited with the seminar receiving a positive response and feedback to host more of such events.

“We have hosted a few events like these and plan to host several more before the end of this year in order to keep the end users up to date and provide them with platforms like this so they can hear directly from the leaders in the industry”. Security Matterz CEO, Mohamad Alkhudary.

We would like to thank Exclusive networks, especially Ryman Makarem and Ahmed Al Denawi. We would also like to extend our thanks to Fortinet especially, Mohammed Khasauna and Naseer Mubaiden.